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Official Rules

Welcome to the American Cosmetic Dental Laboratories Cosmetic Dental Grant Program!

On any given month, you may be eligible to win FREE teeth whitening or a $10,000 smile makeover!

Official Rules:

  1. To enter this drawing, the patient must have received a special entry code from their dentist.
  2. Each patient may reenter this program once per month.
  3. Patients are selected on the day of the scheduled drawing via random selection.
  4. The winning patient must be able to verify that they are on record as a patient in the dental office they used to register.
  5. Each patient must have visited the dentist’s office within 6 months prior to the drawing date.
  6. The winning patient receives no cash value. A check in the full amount of the award is made out to the dentist and mailed to the dentist’s office. The patient has a credit balance on account in order to receive the awarded benefit: $500 for tooth whitening, or the full cash value of the cosmetic dental award specified for that particular award date.
  7. The winning patient must agree to allow AmericaSmiles (AMS) to announce the patient’s name as a winner in our grant program. The winning patient also agrees to provide before and after photos to AMS in order to display the dental results, and gives AMS permission to use the photos for promotional purposes.
  8. Questions concerning this grant program may be directed to your dental office.